10 Best Places Pixar Hidden The Pizza Planet Truck

One of the best Easter eggs in movies is the Pizza Planet Truck that Pixar hides in each of their films. The Pizza Planet truck was born in toy story and has since made an appearance, whether prominent or cleverly concealed, in every film over the past two decades.

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The truck has a distinctive shape, bright yellow paint and a rocket on the roof. As the years pass and fans become more eager to spot the iconic symbol, the animators have taken extra care to hide it in more elusive places.

ten A bug’s life hides the truck in plain sight

The life of an insect premiered in 1998 and follows Hopper, the evil, greedy grasshopper who threatens a colony of ants. Flik travels to Bug City and stumbles upon a circus that is home to many misfit insects, including Dot the ladybug, Heimlich the caterpillar, and Slim the bug. These bugs join Flik on his mission to stop Hopper.

Bug City resides under a trailer, and when the ambitious ant arrives, there’s a familiar truck to the left of the mobile home. It’s unclear whether the owner is ordering pizza or working for the company, and while this is one of the more obvious hiding places for the truck, it still doesn’t immediately grab viewers’ attention.

9 Truck comes to life in cars

Cars, released in 2006, tells the story of Lightning McQueen, an ambitious and often selfish race car in search of fame and fortune. When he ends up in Radiator Springs, he meets small town characters like Mater, Sally, and Doc. He comes to love the city and the cars in it and questions his role in the racing world.

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When Lighting races at the Piston Cup, fans cheer on their favorite competitors off the track. On the far left, viewers can see the Pizza Planet truck come to life as a character cheering on the racers. This animation is a clever way to incorporate the iconic truck into a movie where all the characters are automobiles.

8 Monsters also like pizza

monster university premiered in 2013 and is the prequel to Monsters Inc. Fans of the original film see Sully and Mike as they go to college and learn how to become the best and most successful spooky duo. Afterwards, the two monsters and their friends attend a house party at the Jaws Theta Chi fraternity.

This scene makes it clear that even monsters love pizza, as viewers can spot the Pizza Planet truck parked to the left of the fraternity as Sully and Mike run for the door. A party wouldn’t be complete without pizza, even in Monstropolis.

seven The truck lives forever in the woods of Brave

Released in 2012, Brave follows Merida, a princess who wants to choose her own path without a prince and fights against her upcoming arranged marriage. Merida consults a witch for advice and accidentally turns her mother into a giant bear. The mother and daughter then go on an adventure to transform Elinor into a human.

In the witch’s workshop, a strange sculpture is visible behind a pair of candles on her desk. Lacking cars in medieval Scotland, the animators immortalize the Pizza Planet truck in a wood carving. Eagle-eyed fans also spotted a wood carving of what appears to be Sully from Monsters Inc. in the workshop.

In 2007, Pixar released Ratatouille, the story of Remy, a street rat who loves beautiful things and helps Linguini become a chef. Remy hides in the young man’s chef’s hat and controls his hands like a puppeteer, helping him create extravagant and delicious dishes.

The Pizza Planet truck only appears for a second in the back of a shot, making it one of the most inconspicuous hideouts Pixar has created. In a scene on a brick lane in France, the truck drives along a bridge far in the background. It’s hard to spot, and only fans with the sharpest eyes will likely catch it.

5 A young man loves the pizza truck too much

toy story 4 released in 2019, shows the toys life with Bonnie and their adventure on a road trip with the family and a new toy named Forky. Woody reunites with Bo Peep, which leads to a restoration of his old romantic feelings, leaving him to question the meaning of life as a toy.

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In the last toy story slice, the truck makes a creative appearance. The truck does not appear in typical physical form, but instead appears as a tattoo on one of the carnie’s calves, surrounded by flames. The young man seems to adore the iconic symbol of Pixar.

4 Pizza-loving souls are in luck in the lobby of everything

Soul released in 2020, features Joe, a jazz musician whose soul separates from his body en route to his big musical break. Joe meets 22, a soul who refuses to accept his passion and go to Earth and instead helps others find their way.

Joe and 22 travel through the Hall of Everything, the vast room where souls explore different hobbies and interests, such as sports, music, and the arts, to find their passions. Pizza lovers are also in luck as the Pizza Planet truck is to the left of the lobby, hidden behind other objects.

3 The truck zooms into Finding Nemo

The world of Nemo premiered in 2003 and stars Marlin, his son Nemo and their eccentric friend Dory. Nemo is swimming too close to a fishing boat while on an excursion, when a net catches him and carries him to a dental office in Sydney, Australia. Marlin and Dory, who has short-term memory loss, travel across the ocean and overcome many challenges to find Nemo.

In the dental office, Gil, the head of the aquarium fish, hatches an elaborate plan to escape to the ocean. For a split second, keen-eyed viewers can spot the Pizza Planet truck speeding past the window, one of the fastest cameos.

2 The character returns in Cars 2

Cars 2 premiered in 2011. In this film, Lightning and Mater decided to participate in the World Grand Prix in several cities in Europe. As Lightning worries about his errands, Mater unknowingly becomes involved in a spy plot.

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The Pizza Planet truck character is back for the sequel, and this time appears on TV in the Wheel Well Motor Court, where other Radiator Springs cars are watching coverage of their hometown hero. This cameo is more subtle, as fans have to be careful to catch it.

1 Riley has a positive memory of the truck

2015 brought Upside down, a beautiful film that eloquently explains the emotions and mental illnesses in a family way. While this movie is great for kids, it’s even better for adults. Joy, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear, all of which have their own personalities and motivations, influence all of Riley’s thoughts and experiences.

This Pizza Planet truck cameo is one of the tiniest of them all, as the blurry image of the car is the focal point of one of Riley’s memory orbs, which viewers see on the Train of Thought. So it’s a yellow orb, a happy memory for the girl, unlike the broccoli pizza she eats in San Francisco.

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