13 Best Types of Gluten-Free Pasta

Even if you’ve been gluten-free for a while, chances are you still haven’t had a chance to try heart of palm pasta. If so, you might want to research these as they are one of the most interesting gluten-free pastas we have come across. By Self, they have a relatively neutral flavor, but you may also notice a slight citrus note that could be compared to artichoke hearts. The light, fresh taste makes hearts of palm noodles a fun option for the warmer summer months when you want to whip up a refreshing pasta salad.

Texture-wise, undercooked pasta hearts of palm can be chewy, but if you cook them well, you’ll get a delicious al dente bite. It doesn’t fall apart as easily as some gluten-free doughs, making it a solid choice when texture really matters.

Unfortunately, finding hearts of palm pasta at your local grocery store can be tricky. If you don’t have a health food store handy, you can search for them online. They tend to be more expensive, so you’ll have to decide if the novelty is worth it when you have other gluten-free pasta on hand. We think they’re a fun option to try, though we probably wouldn’t make them a kitchen staple.