4 good pizzerias in Georgia | Alina Andras

Photo by Guto Macedo from Pexels

If you love eating pizza and you also live in Georgia, keep reading because I’ve put together a list of four amazing pizza places in Georgia that will keep you coming back once you try their food.

4 Good Pizza Places in Georgia

  • Atwood, Atlanta
  • Hearth Pizza Tavern, Sandy Springs
  • Fratelli NY Style Pizza and Restaurant, Grayson
  • Junior’s Pizza, Atlanta

What do you think of these restaurants in Georgia? Have you ever visited any of these places? If you have already tasted their cuisine, what was your impression? Did you like the service and the atmosphere? How would you rate the food? Would you recommend others to visit these pizzerias in Georgia? Feel free to share your honest thoughts in the comments section and be sure to include your favorite pizza places in Georgia as well, so more people can visit them if they live in the area.

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