54. Deltona car burglary suspect leaves pizza trail of clues for responding deputies and trip to jail in handcuffs

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By HENRY FREDERICK / Headline Surfer

DELTONA, Fla. — A pizza-eating suspect responsible for two car burglaries in Deltona was arrested in late October after deputies followed a trail of evidence that included red sauce on a vehicle’s door handle, a can pizza and plates abandoned near another.

When deputies found Dewey J. Smith, 38, walking down the street in another neighborhood, he was still carrying the victims’ credit cards and ID.

The victims reported that the car broke down around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, October 27, 2021 on Jefferson Avenue. Responding to the first call, deputies found the car’s open center console glove box searched and the victim’s wallet missing. There was also what appeared to be marinara sauce on the inside driver side door handle.

Yes, marinara sauce.

A few doors down the street, deputies noticed an empty pizza box where another car crash occurred. This vehicle was missing a 9mm handgun and an old concealed weapons permit.

As deputies investigated the area, they spoke to a neighbor who reported that an acquaintance, Dewey Smith, had stopped several times during the night, including once to ask if she knew anyone who was looking to buy a gun. He was also carrying a white grocery bag containing credit cards and gift cards and wanted her to call a phone number to check the balance on a gift card.

She declined, but she said earlier that night that Smith took some of the Little Caesar pizza she ordered. She said she threw away the pizza and the box, and Smith took it out of the trash.

She declined, but she said earlier that night that Smith took some of the Little Caesar pizza she ordered. She said she threw away the pizza and the box, and Smith took it out of the trash.

Meanwhile, the stolen credit cards were discovered to have been used overnight and early in the morning at three Deltona gas stations.

Later, when deputies found Smith walking down Twin Oaks Street with the victim cards still in his possession, he told deputies, “You caught me in the act.

He wasn’t talking about pizza sauce.

Handcuffs were slapped on Smith and he was taken to jail on a battery of robbery and robbery charges.

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