A self-taught cook discovers mahangu pasta


ENTREPRENEUR, final year student and self-taught cook Juliana Jason broke the internet this week by showcasing her innovative mahangu pasta, made from mahangu flour.

After much experimentation, she documented the process of making mahangu pasta from scratch in videos and photos shared online.

“Creating this pasta was very interesting. I originally just wanted to learn how to make it from scratch using different ingredients, but found out that some rare ingredients were needed which were quite rare to incorporate.

“One day I thought what if I made mahangu pasta instead? I started with what I had on hand,” says Jason.

Many failed attempts followed before she could perfect the recipe.

“As I like a good challenge, I continued until I succeeded. I was delighted with the results.

“I’m sure some people are wondering how it tastes. It tastes like regular pasta, but it has a slightly different mouthfeel with a slight mahangu smell.

For now, she will continue to work on her recipe before marketing it.

Jason says she likes to experiment with different recipes and has come up with different dishes such as rotis made from mahangu flour.

Her passion for cooking started many years ago when she was only in 4th grade.

“I grew up loving it so much that I would climb over a crate to reach the stove,” she says.

For her, cooking is a therapeutic escape from reality.

“I like a challenge, so I always try to prepare meals that are outside of my comfort zone. Usually, I don’t cook by the rules of the book, I rather improvise and make do with what I have.

For more, follow Jason on Instagram @queni_foods.