AG Letitia James – NBC New York

A New York pizzeria accused of underpaying workers for years has been ordered to pay nearly a dozen employees “cheated out of their salaries” $175,000, Attorney General Letitia James announced on Friday.

At least 10 workers will receive payment after an investigation by James’ office found Gotham Pizza was paid below minimum wage, withheld overtime and tips at its three Manhattan locations between 2016 and 2019. The pizzeria sells slices in the Upper East Side, Yorkville and Chelsea.

The investigation revealed that employees at the pizzeria were paid an hourly rate of between $6 and $10, when their base salary should have been between $11 and $15, James said. The identified workers also did not receive their full tips or pay to work more than 40 jobs a week, its investigation found.

“No matter how you slice it, fair pay is not a suggestion – it’s the law,” James said. “For years, Gotham Pizza has taken advantage of its hard-working employees by not paying them for their work.

The attorney general’s press release said Gotham Pizza’s failure to pay employees minimum wage and appropriate overtime rates was in violation of New York’s minimum wage ordinance and labor laws.

In addition to paying the 10 workers $175,000, the pizzeria must comply with “ad hoc talks” between staff and the attorney general’s office to confirm that paychecks are being issued according to state law.