Alex’s Pasta Bar will donate all proceeds to Ukraine

A popular downtown restaurant will host a charity evening where all proceeds will be donated to Ukraine.

Alex’s Pasta Bar, located in Carlisle’s Green Market, will open the restaurant with a special menu on April 28 – every penny goes towards helping, not just profit.

Romanian-born owner Alex Stoica, who recently moved to Green Market’s new premises 8 months ago, said it was “terrible” to see what was happening in Ukraine.

“Obviously we have more reason to help because we hear about it more than normal people, especially since my wife Alla, her family still lives right in the middle of it all in Ukraine.

“Cumbria have been great in trying to help with the current situation, especially the Polish Dino shop, they have organized so much how to transport goods across the border.

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“I think the people of Cumbria will continue to help donate in various forms and do what they can to make the situation better,” he said.

Since the war broke out, the restaurant has donated all of the money from the desserts that will be added to the collection on April 28, alongside the addition of a donation jar that has taken center stage in Restaurant.

The venue will also hold a raffle on the right, with all funds being added to the fundraising pot.

“It doesn’t cost us much, but it makes a difference there,” he said.

There will be a special evening menu which has not yet been announced.

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