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From delicate ribbons to chunky tubes and everything in between, pasta comes in countless forms – more 350, according to some sources. All Italian restaurants offer it, of course, but so do many other types of places these days. Pasta has become an American culinary tradition.

To determine the best pasta restaurant in each state, 24/7 Tempo first considered the restaurants listed in our article. “The best Italian restaurant in all the States”, and pulled additional information from various sites, including Eater, eat this not that, Food & Wineand Gayotas well as local and regional sources.

While many of these restaurants are Italian-American, others offer more traditional Italian dishes and a few highlight the cuisine of certain cities or regions of Italy. Some of these restaurants offer modern twists on classic pasta dishes, and many prepare at least some of their own pasta in-house. In addition, several offer wood-fired pizzas and various starters in addition to their pasta dishes, as well as a selection of Italian wines.

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Many of the best pasta restaurants base their menus on a traditional Italian meal format, which includes antipasto (an appetizer), primi (heavier dishes that often consist of a small serving of pasta, risotto, soup or gnocchi), secondi ( main course meat or seafood dishes), and dolci (desserts). Craving for traditional Italian cuisine? Discover the best old-school Italian restaurants in America.