Big Daddy’s Pizza reopens after car crash in building

MIDVALE, Utah — A Midvale pizzeria resumed business three months after a car drove through the main entrance.

Two employees of Big Daddy’s Pizza – located at 7669 S. 700 East – were injured. One was hit by the car while the other was hit by a counter.

It was the night of July 22 when the car, driven by a young man in his twenties, smashed through the main entrance, sending glass and debris flying everywhere. The driver told employees his foot got stuck on the accelerator and he couldn’t apply the brake.

The car also hit employee Felipe Diaz who had just returned from a delivery. He broke his leg and injured his back, neck and head.

‘I’m very lucky because I’m still alive’: Pizza delivery driver recalls driving car into store

Biplove Timilsina, the store owner, says he still has flashbacks from that day.

“It was terrible,” he said. “I have nightmares about the video. My employees are getting run over here.

He said the reconstruction has not been easy. It took nearly three months just for the main entrance to be ordered and installed. Now comes the challenge of trying to win back those repeat customers who have gone elsewhere for pizza in the past three months.

“We just did a test last weekend. The activity fell by 80%. It’s huge,” Timilsina said. “There are other pizzerias they’ve been to but we make good pizza. We provide good service. We’ve been here almost 15 years, so please come back. We are ready to serve you guys.