Biggest mistakes you make with pasta

Here’s another shortcut that has sparked a lot of discussion about the best way to cook pasta. To do it the traditional Italian way, Eataly indicates to first boil cold tap water, add salt and finally discard the pasta. Indeed, if you wait for 4 to 5 liters of water to come to a boil, you may wait a little. Since pasta is often picked as a quick dinner option, it follows that many people choose to skip the wait part.

Alton Brown is a famous chef (distinct not Italian) who is on board with what he calls the cold water pasta method. Aside from the potential wrath of an Italian grandmother or foodie, adding pasta to water that has not yet started to boil can be a recipe for disaster. Food and wine explains that during the time it takes for cold water to boil, it experiences a large temperature fluctuation. Instead of throwing in the pasta and stirring it every now and then, you’ll need to watch closely to estimate the pasta’s doneness.

Pasta expert Anthony Contrino tells Today this salt will not dissolve properly in cold water, which means it will not impart as much flavor. Meanwhile, chef Palak Patel explains to The HuffPost as more starch is released from the pasta in cold water, which can result in a soft texture – essentially the opposite of idealized al dente.