Breaking the Pizza Curse of Axios Nashville with Smith & Lentz

Loyal readers know the sad truth: there could very well be an Axios Nashville curse.

🍕 So we turned to you to help us find the best pizza in Nashville, a pie so strong it resists curses.

Slice the news: The response was overwhelming and a clear winner emerged.

What you say : Reader Yitzi P. seemed to speak for the consensus, saying, “Smith & Lentz pizza is amazingly good.

  • New Jersey native Carl M. said “this might be one of the best pizzas I’ve eaten in the United States.”

Between the pies: We think readers describe Smith & Lentz as a surprise because the establishment is best known for its craft beer. In some breweries, the pizza is superficial and mostly an afterthought.

Our tours: We took your advice and stopped.

  • Nate brought home two pizzas for his family last month to rave reviews. The wood-fired crust and fresh mozzarella stand out.
  • Adam and Nate pressed a few more slices on Thursday. Adam was nervous about adding a warm drizzle of honey to the pepperoni pizza, but the flavors were a perfect balance.
  • And in this sea of ​​craft brews that overload us with heavy, hazy IPAs and quirky sours, it was refreshing to see Smith & Lentz offering easy-drinking beers. The beer menu is full of, as they describe it, “crushable” pilsners and lagers.

Smith & Lentz wasn’t the only pizzeria to receive love from our readers.

  • Five Points Pizza is the ubiquitous choice, for good reason, but you answered our request to dig deeper.
  • We are especially grateful to the people who shed light on the hidden gems of Middle Tennessee.

Chip W.: “NY Pie in Nashville West is awesome. I don’t see him going anywhere.”

Mark E.: “Donatos Pizza in Midtown has a hot chicken pizza that is so delicious.”

Greg K.: “The best pizza in the world is served at Folk.”

Phil N.: “Prepare to drive for a few minutes.” He chose Nelly’s Italian Cafe in Spring Hill, owned by Danielle Hall and her husband Ryan, part of the family that ran Joey’s. “It’s as good as Joey’s.”

Alan B. and Barry T. both chose Manny’s in the Arcade, which also has family ties to Joey’s.

Justin T.: “If you don’t mind driving a bit north, Sanders Ferry Pizza & Pub is very good.”

Lawrence S. went with Angelo’s Picnic Pizza in Antioch.

Jamie H.: “Joey’s was my favourite, but the best substitutes are Mafiaozas and Desanos.”