Bring your own pasta on this Memphis highway where a tractor trailer spilled a quarter mile of Alfredo sauce

I don’t claim to be an expert in “logistics” and “supply chain”. But all I’m saying is there has to be a better way. I mean we can’t sit back and keep letting shit like this happen. I feel like every few months there’s a new story about a tractor-trailer full of yummy food and/or drink flipping and flipping this crap on a freeway. Whether it’s a tractor-trailer hauling valuable cargo like boxes upon boxes of vodka, or that truck hauling tons of shitty tomatoes earlier this week.

I’m sick of some of our most delicious food and drink being vomited through interstate systems.

If that massive Alfredo disaster had happened earlier in the summer, it might not have been such a gut-punch. I think we can all agree that Alfredo is just a bit too heavy of a sauce in the summer. If it was June or July, I think I would be able to handle this one. But football season is fast approaching. You might not want it right now, but the time for hoodies will be here before you know it. Crisp mornings, chilly afternoons, the perfect time of year to start giving yourself heavier beers and creamier pasta sauce.

Just imagine yourself on the sofa. It’s an NFL Sunday. You’re still nursing a hangover from last night, but you got enough dog hair in the first few games to feel like a normal human again. Your fantasy team is up 30, your favorite team has already locked in a win for the day, and the 4 p.m. matches come out of halftime. Just as we return from the commercial break after the 2nd half kicks off, out comes a giant plate of fettuccine Alfredo. It’s rich, it’s creamy, it’s cheesy, it’s everything you could want on this crisp fall Sunday. Sounds perfect, right?

Giphy pictures.

Oh well too bad. Because all of Alfredo is the world is currently overlaid with a stretch of I-55 in Memphis. We need change. We demand change.