California Pizza Chain opens second location in town | Greyson F

The pizza infusion in Metro Phoenix has been gaining momentum over the past few months. If it’s not a chain of pizza places from the Midwest or Denver, it’s pizza places migrating from California. One restaurant chain in particular recently opened a restaurant in the valley, and the location worked out so well that management decided to open another store around Phoenix.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza, which is best known for its large 20-inch pizzas wrapped in curly pepperoni, opened its first restaurant in Arizona in Mesa. The restaurant has only been open for a few months now, but attendance has been favorable, so in order to build the brand in the valley, a second restaurant will be opening in Chandler in the coming months.

The restaurant is designed to be a friendly, one-stop-shop for entertainment and family fun. The restaurant will have six big-screen TVs spread throughout the dining area, so fans wishing to watch the game on one of the biggest screens in the area will be able to do so. Beyond the TVs, there’s an arcade as well as a kids’ area.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza opened in Palo Alto, California in 1978. Nearly 45 years after the original opening, there are now over 200 Mountain Mike’s restaurants, although most are located in the area along the West Coast, including California, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah. Arizona represents the chain’s desire to push east with its brand. Mountain Mike prides itself on not only providing a family atmosphere, but also partnering with the local community and each franchise holds specific fundraisers for the community. The restaurants will regularly host special events to help raise funds for everything from nonprofits to local schools and youth sports clubs. Donation levels range from 20-40% of sales made at specific events.

To help attract more customers and keep them happy, Mountain Mike’s Pizza makes sure to use the freshest, highest quality ingredients. If Chandler’s restaurant proves to be as successful as Mesa’s, it’s quite possible that the local franchisee will continue to open other Mountain Mike’s Pizza restaurants throughout the valley, which is good news for local pizza lovers. .

Chandler’s new location is at 800 North 54th Street (Suite 5) and is open seven days a week, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.