02/06/2022 – Zuxin Hou’s romantic comedy, shot in the Rome of fairy tales, is aimed at the Asian market but could also find success in Europe Liu Xun and Huang Yao in The Italian recipe Cinema renews and reinvents itself with its own magic, and therefore a 2.0 version ofRead More →

Sino-Italian co-production The Italian recipedirected by young Beijing filmmaker Hou Zuxin, will make a fitting world premiere as the opening title of this year’s Far East Film Festival, the pioneering event for Asian cinema held annually in the picturesque city of Udine, in northern Italy. A romantic comedy described byRead More →

You know Anthony ‘Rocco’ DiGrazia from his famous restaurant dedicated to everything Windy City, Rocco’s Little Chicago. But did you know the Chicago native also spends his free time perfecting Old County recipes? DiGrazia shares with us one of her staple comfort food recipes that are sure to please anyRead More →