Maggi Brown I should have known right away that this was going to be special. Although we are pasta lovers, we had never been to Belotti – a previous attempt had been bungled by a visit from the granddaughter – but I finally managed to get a reservation for theRead More →

Hello. Greek pasta is one of the stars of the roman pasta canon, a simple preparation made with guanciale, pecorino romano and black pepper. But if you don’t have a guanciale (and you don’t have a few days to prepare yours), you could do salami alla gricia pasta (above) instead.Read More →

DAVIS, CA. – Arcadia Biosciences has shipped the first orders of GoodWheat pasta to retail customers, and an online launch of the product on Amazon is on track for early June, said Stanley E. Jacot, president and chief executive officer. The Davis-based company could expand the GoodWheat brand to otherRead More →

Tomatoes may get more attention, but throughout Italy lemon is also often found in pasta. Along the Amalfi Coast, ring-shaped calamarata pasta comes with clams, parsley, garlic and fried strips of a sweet local lemon. In Sicily, shortcrust pastry is sprinkled with roasted pistachios, Parmesan cheese and lemon juice andRead More →

DAVIS, CA. – Arcadia Biosciences has shipped the first orders of GoodWheat pasta to retail customers, and an online launch of the product on Amazon is on track for early June, said Stanley E. Jacot, president and chief executive officer. The Davis-based company could expand the GoodWheat brand to otherRead More →

Nick Risidi, of Amici Ristorante in East Parade, Keighley, revisits his Italian roots for another taste of the Mediterranean The origin of Italian cuisine is fascinating. The origins of the dishes we know and love today are said to date back to Roman times. The Roman Empire was vast, stretchingRead More →

Graffiti Pasta in Denton Square has some big shoes to fill. For 24 years, the former tenant, J&J’s Pizza, was a reliable place to grab a slice of pizza, and the basement below, Ol’ Dirty Basement, was a DIY gig den that became a legendary spot of local music. LastRead More →

A big lifestyle adjustment that is definitely worth it! Art history lessons at the Musei Capitolini, visits to popular gelato spots, weekends in Florence, and writing homework on food and travel: here’s a little bit of what I’m expecting as part of the UW Rome in Residence study abroad program.Read More →

Placeholder while loading article actions If you’ve ever put a sauce and pasta together and thought the combination wasn’t quite right, there might be a reason: not all pasta is ideal for all dishes. There are over 300 pasta shapes, so you’ll be forgiven for the occasional misstep. “I getRead More →

Yoko Isassi, chef of the Japanese cooking class food history in Los Angeles, explained to HuffPost that noodles were historically made by women, and that the stiff dough of udon was extremely laborious to knead by hand in large batches. Kneading with the feet puts the whole body weight onRead More →

(Cassie Blount) Here, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer and barbecue season! And I think no matter where you live, we can all agree that the go-to barbecue side dish is pasta salad. Am I right? Not only these pasta salad recipes versatile, they are quite easyRead More →

SPECIAL EVENT – Involved in the Philoptochos Society of All Saints Greek Orthodox Church’s “Pasta and Prayers” effort to benefit the Ukrainian War Relief Fund which raised over $5,000 were, front row, from left, Nick Tranto, Pearl Tranto, Violeta Turianyn, Natalia Turianyn, Vasyl Turianyn, Mika Turianyn, John Greco, Sue Greco,Read More →

IT was a huge success for a popular town center restaurant’s charity night, which raised thousands of pounds to help Ukrainians. Alex’s Pasta Bar, located in Carlisle’s Green Market, opened its restaurant on April 28 – every penny of the proceeds will help, not just the profit. Romanian-born owner AlexRead More →

Everyone is talking about Nicolas Cage these days. With the release of his new film The unbearable weight of massive talent, the complicated actor made the rounds in the press, and it gave us a look at the actor like never before. And with that comes a glimpse of herRead More →

Published: April 27, 2022 Modified: April 27, 2022 by Modern Honey · This article may contain affiliate links · 2 comments Break-Up Pasta is a creamy 3 cheese spaghetti recipe made with butter, garlic, cream, broth, Italian cheeses, spices and tossed with spaghetti. This is the best creamy spaghetti recipeRead More →

One thing I plan to try in Rome this summer is cacio e pepe. It’s an authentic Roman pasta dish that only requires three ingredients: pasta, cheese and black pepper. Hence the name, cheese and pepper. How to describe it? Think of it as the Italian version of mac andRead More →

Illustrative photo from open sources Panettone is considered a traditional dish of Italian cuisine, usually prepared for Christmas and spring break. Usually the dough is prepared with a special leaven, so the process is delayed for several days. To shorten the cooking time, yeast is used, which does not changeRead More →

CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — You know them for their fresh, authentic food, but now the owners of Pasta & Provisions are hoping you’ll help one of the men responsible for creating their perfect pasta. According to owner Tommy George, their assistant pasta maker Thang Sum broke his neck playingRead More →

SSince opening in January 2020, Manteca, Shoreditch’s bustling Italian restaurant, has become a pandemic success story, thanks in large part to co-founder and chef Chris Leach’s undeniably delicious pasta recipes. Receiving the attention of almost every London-based food publication, Manteca’s hand-rolled pasta and nose-to-tail cuts of meat have made theirRead More →

A popular downtown restaurant will host a charity evening where all proceeds will be donated to Ukraine. Alex’s Pasta Bar, located in Carlisle’s Green Market, will open the restaurant with a special menu on April 28 – every penny goes towards helping, not just profit. Romanian-born owner Alex Stoica, whoRead More →

Oh no. My worst nightmare ! ‘Loss of taste and smell’!!! An unexpected dizziness, runny nose and sneezing prompted me to take a Covid test which showed 2 distinctive blue stripes. Positive! Isolation, bed rest, canceled appointments, isolation. Thank God and the NHS for the vaccination program. The virus isRead More →

A woman has been left terrified after her Tinder date broke into her home, stuffed tinned spaghetti in her shoes and cut electrical cords – because she had broken up with him. Alisha Moy met 21-year-old Jordan Cobbold on the dating app in January 2021, shortly after moving into herRead More →

Although not as good as freshly made, you can freeze cooked pasta. As explained by Food, cooked pasta that is not yet tossed in the sauce will generally freeze better than pasta already in the sauce, retaining its texture better when thawed. If you plan to freeze pasta, the outletRead More →

“I’m the black sheep leaking the secret,” Selis, 60, from Nuoro, Sardinia, said in Italian. The recipe calls for only three ingredients: durum wheat flour, water and salt. However, the long and intricate work that makes the dough elastic eludes most who try. When the dough reaches the right consistency,Read More →

Five months after the closure of the Meck Goods Stand at Lancaster Central Market, Lancaster Town Center Market has announced its replacement. In fact, his replacements. Four stalls, including a current food vendor and a fresh pasta maker already at the downtown market, will occupy the former space of Meck’s,Read More →

Food Network star Katie Lee Biegel brings the heat with her satisfying and refreshing Spicy Lobster Pasta. For those who like to bring seafood and pasta—and plenty of spices—to the table, this recipe won’t disappoint. Food Network Personality Katie Lee Biegel | Chance Yeh/Getty Images for NYCWFF Katie Lee Biegel’sRead More →