Cugini Pizza hits the road as demand soars

Cugini Pizza, which started in a garden in Harwood, was based at Edgworth Cricket Club over the summer.

Next stop is to take their pizza all over Bolton, taking it up the road in a van.

The business had to move from their aunt Antonia Sotgiu’s garden to Harwood following complaints of noise and smoke.

Now the trio will be back in the winter serving pizzas from their brand new pizza van.

Cousins, Dino Clark, Connor Close and Callum Tombs use an authentic self-built Italian pizza oven to make the tastiest pizzas, and have become famous for their pizzas.

They are heading to Alghero for a well deserved two week break.

Dino said: “What a great summer, we just want to thank everyone for joining us and winning at Edgeworth CC.

“Thank you to all our staff, without you we couldn’t have finished it.

“Thank you Edgeworth CC for hosting us and your continued support.

“We are taking a well deserved two week break and are going to visit our Cugini in Alghero.”

Cugini started in 2020 after confinement in their aunt’s back garden.

Cugini draws inspiration from the trio’s Italian roots, particularly their grandfather, who ran Salvatore’s in Wesoughton.

Their pizza menu includes a “duckin’ell,” a hoisin sauce base with fior di latte cheese and crispy pulled duck.

But the cousins ​​often introduce new pizza toppings and host pizza parties with giveaways whenever they can, including a free pizza for Cugini’s birthday in March.

Callum said: “Our Nonno, Salvatore Sotgiu, came from Italy in the 60s and opened one of Bolton’s first Italian restaurants, Salvatore’s, which is now Casa Nostra in Wesoughton.

“Although the Cuginis were born in Bolton, of which we are proud, we were brought up with a passion for Italian food and especially pizza.”

After the complaint, Bolton Council assessed the property to see if there was more traffic due to the business or any structural changes to the property as well as a change in use.

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The council then decided that in order to operate the trio, a change of use would have to be requested.

The cousins ​​say they will have more exciting news to share soon.