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Customers wait hours for the last Italian meal at Omaha’s Lo Sole Mio before closing

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)- An Omaha staple is closing for good in just over a littlek and many are not ready to say goodbye.

Lo Sole Mio has been serving authentic Italian food on the Metro for three decades and will officially close on July 2. Now hundreds of people flock to this popular spot to get their last dose of Italian.

“We came to dine at Lo Sole Mio before they closed,” says Susan Frey, who made the 70-mile drive from Vallisco, Iowa, to grab one more meal here.

“I had the grilled salmon and it was just delicious,” she says. “And a little tiramisu, you have to finish with a little tiramisu!”

Owner Marie Losole says the restaurant was opened for and with their children and now that they are grown up no one can run the business alone. The decision to sell it was difficult and bittersweet, she says.

“We are 74 years old, we have 17 grandchildren and we want to take the time to enjoy the time we have left,” says Marie.

The past few weeks have been nothing short of chaotic, she says. But in the right way.

“The wait starts building at 2:15 p.m. and we open at 3 p.m., the wait will decrease for a block and eventually end. Today people had lawn chairs sitting outside.

“Surprisingly enough, when you say three or three and a half hours, they say ‘ok!’ and we look at them like, ‘are you crazy, really? that’s wonderful!'”

One of those crazy customers is Kris Reicks and his family.

“We’ve been coming for our anniversary every year for probably at least the last 20 years,” she says of herself and her husband.

They managed to get their name on the list before the restaurant had to start turning people away at 4.30pm, even though they don’t close until 8pm.

“Two hours and 20 minutes,” Reicks says. “It has a lot of history, so it’s worth the wait.”

“We just wanted to come one last time and celebrate some great memories,” Frey said.

Marie says they expected some customers to come and say goodbye, but they didn’t expect people to wait mindlessly for hours.

“To have the community come out like this is breathtaking and such an honor, all of our staff and family were moved to tears. It was very moving.

She says it’s been an honor to serve Omaha for the past 30 years and she can’t thank the community enough.

“I was born in Italy, I was an orphan and I used to steal food. I came to America and was adopted, and I went from stealing food to selling food, and I was blessed beyond measure.

Marie Losole tells 6 News that the restaurant and the space across the street will be leased for commercial purposes. She also says she plans to finish her book, “Life is a Recipe and God Keeps Changing the Ingredients.”

The book, she says, will be a story about her life, her family and the restaurant, and will share some of the many stories Lo Sole Mio customers have shared with her over the years. It will also contain recipes.

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