Dan Dakich: ‘Pizza Stained Peasants’ Shouldn’t Tell Players To Retire

JJ Redick has defended himself against criticism from Rob Parker, among others, who claimed his recent take on the Lakers was “the worst take in the history of the sport.”

During his last episode of The old man and the three podcast, Redick said the problem was not his opinion on the subject, it was how it was reported by aggregated media sites.

“The last thing I want to talk about is the worst take in the history of the sport, which I apparently had last week,” Redick said. “I vehemently disagree. One of the problems with aggregated media is a quote that everyone uses out of context. A quote out of context that people read as a headline and in this case it was our old friends at ClutchPoints which is the worst website, all of sports media – I don’t know what to call them. Are they a site? They are definitely not creators, but they are the worst sports media aggregators in the world. So they took this clip that I had of First take. (Michael) Wilbon, Stephen A. (Smith) and I started talking about expectations for the Lakers.

He then played a clip of his First take appearance saying the Lakers winning a first-round playoff would be considered a “victory” for the team.

“If you took the time to watch the 12 or 13 minutes where we talked about the Lakers, it was actually a nuanced and intelligent discussion that we gave. We explained why this list is not good. Obviously, it’s shooting and spacing. Not a lot of big top defenders. Not a lot of depth. We’ve talked about the fact that when Anthony Davis, Russell Westrbook and LeBron James are all in the lineup together – small sample – but they’re 11-11 since last week, it’s worse now, they’re under .500 since this team was formed.

“I talked – for five minutes – about whether or not trading Myles Turner and Buddy Hield would actually move the needle for the Lakers. So we had this great conversation about it. We provided a bunch of data points and a bunch of analysis, and it was really thoughtful – I thought – 12 or 13 minutes. “

Redick then said the reason he talked about the positives of the Lakers and LeBron James was that nothing had changed from the previous season.

“Like kind of – not a dig – at ESPN producers, but look, we’ve spent the whole last year talking about what’s hurting the Lakers. Why are the Lakers so bad? It’s the same fucking reason! It’s the same fucking reason this year, and I don’t want to spend the whole season talking about it! So I noted – if you’re a Laker fan or a producer of the show – let’s not spend the whole season talking about the same fucking thing over and over again! Here’s an idea, here’s a silver lining for your Lakers fans: Lebron will be wearing a Lakers uniform when he breaks Kareem’s (Abdul-Jabaar) record. And suddenly it turned into “the worst catch in the history of the sport”? How lazy are you? »