David Dobrik opens his own pizzeria

While Mr. Beast has been the only notable online personality to enter the food and restaurant space for some time, he will soon have competition in the form of David Dobrik’s new pizzeria. Dobrik spreads its wings in business outside the Youtube The space is nothing new, forging relationships with several major companies in the fitness, alcohol, and film industries, to name a few. The restaurant space appears to be the next one he wants to dive into to see if his accomplishments on YouTube can lead to success in one of the hardest industries to find consistent success.


Dobrik’s rise online dates back to his early days on Vine, finding success alongside names like Jake and Logan Paul and LeLe Pons. However, he would experience his greatest online success on YouTube from 2015 with his ultra-popular vlogs and the cast of characters he surrounds himself with, nicknamed the Vlog Squad. As mentioned above, his online success has also resulted in Dobrik expanding outside of the online space by co-founding social media app Dispo, forming a relationship with supplement company Xeela Fitness and cameos in films such as The Angry Birds 2 movie.

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As for his next business venture, Dobrik’s eponymous pizzeria, Doughbrik, is officially just weeks away from opening its doors in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Dobrik, alongside partner Ilya Fedorovich, pushed the pizzeria’s impending November 12, 2022 opening extremely hard on social media to let potential customers know about the fledgling restaurant. It’s also a gamble on Dobrik’s part, given the overall difficulty of restaurants in the United States, where 60% of restaurants fail.

Dobrik’s decision to break into the restaurant business also sees him join Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, who launched MrBeast Burger in 2021 with more than 1,000 ghost kitchens across the United States to produce and deliver his burgers. The success of MrBeast Burger led to the opening in 2022 of the first official restaurant at the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The opening of Doughbrik’s is also another destination for Dobrik after a tumultuous 2021 mired in accusations of bullying and sexual assault against him and members of the Vlog Squad. He was later sued by former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek for a June 2020 accident where Wittek suffered serious head injuries, requiring major surgery. The accident happened while he was wakeboarding for a vlog, and he claimed Dobrik “was going too far” while on the water. The bullying and sexual assault charges led YouTube to demonetize his channel for three months in 2021, which led Dobrik to take a short hiatus before resuming uploading videos, while the lawsuit is still ongoing.

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