DeBrincat trades clear warning to Boston Bruins about pasta

If there’s anyone among you who’s a Boston Bruins fan in a desperate rush to trade David Pastrnak and kick off some sort of massive rebuild in Boston, opening night of the 2022 NHL Draft in Montreal should have been a sobering reality check.

The facts are that the Boston Bruins brass and Pastrnak’s agent JP Barry are set to meet this week in Montreal and begin the frameworks of a contract extension which the No. 88 can sign starting next week. . There’s no doubt it’ll be between $9 million and $10 million per season due to his young age, elite production and the difficulty of finding game-changing forces like Pastrnak at the NHL level.

There were whispers out there that Pastrnak was going to be a tough signing based on friends like Torey Krug leaving the organization, but that’s something not really to be believed unless it’s actually taking place in reality. If anything, it looks like David Krejci could be an NHL option for the Bruins this coming season and matching pals Krejci and Pastrnak could be just the kind of thing to keep the No. 88 happy and content. Boston Bruins organization that drafted, developed and helped him become the NHL superstar he is today.

This humble hockey writer hopes Pastrnak stays in Boston solely for the commercial artistry of Dunkin’ Donuts.

But theoretically, let’s say Pastrnak is unhappy with certain aspects of the Boston Bruins and it’s written on the wall that it will be difficult to sign a right winger who has the talent to be a 50-goal scorer at the league level. NHL, and already has 240 goals and 504 points in 510 games for the Black and Gold.

Chicago Blackhawks sniper Alex DeBrincat, 24,’s big pre-draft trade with the Ottawa Senators should make everyone think about what kind of ‘transport’ Pastrnak could bring to the Black and White. Gold in a similar seismic exchange. The Blackhawks were only able to land the No. 7 pick overall, a second-round pick and a third-round pick in exchange for a player who topped 40 goals twice in a season and has about as many. lamplighters than anyone else since he entered the league five years ago.

It’s a boon for a Senators team that looks set to move up in the Atlantic Division after picking up another excellent young player, and it’s a scam from a Blackhawks team that can’t afford to ice. a quality team after saving so much salary cap space for Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Seth Jones. It’s also exactly what other interested NHL suitors, like the buzzards spinning overhead, will offer the Boston Bruins if they’re forced to eventually trade Pastrnak to the highest bidder.

Sure, DeBrincat has a $9 million qualifying offer that’s going to make him extremely expensive after the upcoming season, but that’s also the going rate in the NHL these days for a dynamic young player capable of 40 goals. That’s absolutely what the Boston Bruins should be ready, willing and able to pay for a Pastrnak player they fully intend to keep as a future centerpiece alongside Charlie McAvoy, Hampus Lindholm and Jeremy Swayman.

In fact, the Boston Bruins should heed DeBrincat’s warning after the Chicago Blackhawks were bullied on hockey social media by their own city for a disappointing comeback for one of the league’s best young players. .

If the B brass, or Boston Bruins fans for that matter, have any secret idea that a Pastrnak trade could fully prepare them for the future, opening night of the 2022 NHL Draft should break down pretty quickly. Instead, a disappointing comeback for a rare hockey talent like Pastrnak could turn out to be exactly the kind of misstep the Boston Bruins simply can’t make at a delicate time in their Original Six existence. It should be the last option, only after all other attempts to keep the star marketable, likable and highly effective have been exhausted.

After the firing of Bruce Cassidy, the uncertain nature of Patrice Bergeron’s lifespan, and an organization that’s currently short of potential young talent after sending out so many first-round players in recent years, the Boston Bruins can no longer afford blunders. at the level of a 2015 first round that still stings them all these years later.

It’s starting to feel like being forced into a Pastrnak trade could turn into exactly that kind of spiraling disaster for the Boston Bruins, so it’s time to heed DeBrincat’s warning playing straight ahead of them this weekend.