Did you make pasta? Save your leftover water for your houseplants – LifeSavvy


Most of us have a habit of throwing away leftover water after making pasta. But if you have houseplants, set that pot of water aside before pouring it down the drain.

The next time you make pasta, save the remaining water to feed your houseplants.

Starchy water promotes healthy bacteria in the ground. This bacteria is what helps break down organic matter, and when broken down, nutrients are distributed throughout the soil, making their way to the roots for a natural boost. Most plants will love this new addition to their diet, but it’s best to mist the pasta water for sensitive cacti or succulents rather than adding it directly to their roots.

Just be sure to let the water cool completely before watering your plants. Boiling water can kill your houseplants.

But don’t go overboard with this tip. Only use the feeding method once a month. Yes, starchy water increasing the good bacteria in the soil can be good for your plant, but too much could harm your plant’s roots. It’s also full of carbs, which aren’t always the healthiest for your plant’s diet. Also, be sure to replace it with store-bought fertilizer.

So instead of throwing away your pasta water, give it to your houseplants. You can also use starchy rice water or leftover coffee to water your baby plants.