Doja Cat Announces Return of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza: “We Finally Made It”

Doja Cat’s Twitter feed over the past few months, in addition to being responsible for the words “mike penis” on our feeds every other day, led fans to believe she was working on something special with Taco Bell. .

On Sunday night, her hard work paid off when she announced the return of Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza amid her high-energy performance at Coachella. The set featured unidentifiable creatures, previously unreleased songs and newly unveiled dance breaks, but the culinary surprise was definitely one of the biggest moments of the night.

“By the way, I brought back the Mexican pizza,” Doja said during an instrumental break, before letting out a somewhat sinister laugh onstage.

According to a press release, Doja – who is being championed as “the voice of the people of Taco Bell” – helped the menu item return to stores on May 19 for the first time since 2020. Krish Jagirdar, who launched a petition for the return of the pizza, now claims that Taco Bell was “listening to the fans” when it came to the demands.

“Like many American Indians who grew up vegetarians, we had limited access to ‘fun’ fast food, so Taco Bell became a bridge to belonging in American culture for many kids like me who grew up in immigrant homes,” the organizer said. of Petition which collected 171,735 signatures. “That’s what made it particularly devastating when Mexican pizza was pulled from menus in 2020, but fast forward two years later and I found myself on a conference call with the Taco Bell team as they shared the news of the return of Mexican pizza, showing that listening to their fans is clearly ingrained in their DNA, and it’s one of the many reasons Taco Bell is more than just a fast food restaurant.

Taco Bell CEO Mark King added that the item, introduced in 1985 under a different name, has a “long history with the brand” and that he’s “pleased we can give fans what they’ve been craving.” crave and take home our classic Mexican pizza.”

Previously, Doja’s TikTok Mexican pizza jingle made some numbers, but she’s since claimed the song was “contractual” and that she tried to make it “terrible on purpose.”