Domino Employee Caught Playing Call Of Duty On ‘Pizza Tracker’ TV

Perhaps surprisingly, most of the comments on the clip were positive, encouraging the employee for his creative way of making those long hours go by. Many even joked that while they would be fired, it was still pretty cool that they managed to play video games on a store monitor.

“So that’s what the domino tracker meant by warming up…” user Vince McMahon said. “Is my pizza warm? No it’s warming up,” another user joked. “If you win a 1v1 with me, you get 1 free slice of pizza,” user @thatonecanadian joked.

Other users have also shared stories of doing similar things in their workplace. “I do this all the time in my amc theater where I work,” one user said. “We used to do that at Pizza Hut,” another user recalled. “When I worked at dominoes, the manager would spend the night and plug his ps4 into the TV,” recalls a commentator.

This isn’t the first time Domino’s has caught employees playing games at work. A pizza chain employee has reportedly been fired for showing two managers playing games during an entertainment rush (via Newsweek). However, it has been claimed that playing video games at work actually benefits employees, believing that it can relieve stress and improve workplace community (via The Olson Group).

Many workplaces have yet to adopt such practices. But that didn’t stop one employee from posting a video of it.