Drunk Hucknall woman started burning with pasta dish which emptied her home and damaged nearby homes

Rachael Hutchings went upstairs to lie down but the pot boiled dry and when she woke up and realized the gas stove was on fire she threw a dishcloth over it which made matters worse the fire.

She ran outside her then home on the Welbeck estate to raise the alarm at 3.50am on January 5 last year, prosecutor Abigail Joyce said.

Video from the doorbell camera showed her ‘frantically pacing’ outside, calling the names of her neighbors and shouting that she didn’t want to.

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Nottingham Crown Court heard Hutchings, 40, had been drinking vodka and called an emergency line in the hours before the fire started.

A neighbor climbed a fence with a garden hose and firefighters were called, but the flames spread through the mid-terrace house, rendering it “uninhabitable”.

The flames were so intense that they shot through the ceiling into the roof void and caused extensive damage to nearby homes, Ms Joyce said.

Mitigating Philip Bown said Hutchings had endured a “long battle with mental illness”, with “a variety of diagnoses over the years”.

He said she had contacted the community psychiatrist three months previously, but had missed her first appointment.

Another meeting was scheduled three days after the fire broke out.

Mr Bown said that apart from two mistakes, Hutchings had not had an alcoholic drink for nine years, but due to her “high mental state” she had been drinking over the Christmas period.

“It was a big wake-up call,” he said. “She has a lot of remorse.”

The court heard Hutchings had not drunk alcohol since the fire and had been assessed as a ‘low risk’ of re-offending by the probation service.

Hutchings, 40, of Coniston Road, Hucknall, pleaded guilty to arson on a reckless basis in Crown Court on November 3 last year.

On Friday, recorder Stuart Sprawson handed her a 22-month prison sentence, but he suspended her for two years, along with 45 days of rehabilitation activities.

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