Ep. 2 – There is no I in the pizza

The First Pint-Sized Chef Junior Master Chef Season 8 was sent home with a broken heart. Fifteen chefs stay to see who can impress Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Daphne Oz and walk away with the $100,000 prize and the title of MasterChef.

Last week, Ramsay made a point of pointing out that this season was going to be the toughest the show has ever seen. And from all indications, it wasn’t just the Ramsay hype. The standards of the judges are incredibly high for a group of child leaders and the challenges are not to be taken lightly.

This week started with the first Team Challenge of the young season and it was all about pizza. The 15 junior chefs were divided into teams of five and after a pizza-making demonstration by Daphne Oz, they were told they had to make as many pizzas as possible.

The term “organized chaos” is very common, but watching these kids not only organize themselves and figure out who would do what, and then make pizzas that would meet the judges’ expectations was just crazy.

Who went home this week on MasterChef Junior Season 8?

The red team seemed to start strong and stayed that way, quickly amassing a huge pile of pizza boxes. The green team wasn’t far behind thanks to Grayson, who took on a leadership role and tried to keep things organized. The white team, on the other hand, was a disaster, with Freddy and A’Dan disagreeing.

By the time the 20 minutes were up and the pizzas had been rated once by the judges, the red team won with 12 perfect pizzas while the green team followed with 11. The white team had only only 10 pizzas that passed the muster and so they would do the elimination challenge.

The Elimination Challenge turned out to be Season 8’s first Mystery Box and underneath was… a blindfold? It turned out that the young chefs had to eat a dish prepared by Gordon Ramsay himself while blindfolded, then replicate that dish as best they could.

The dish was seared salmon with apple and raisin cauliflower couscous, zucchini, squash and a brown butter caper sauce. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many adult chefs who could replicate this dish even if they tried. Speak tough.

After 45 minutes of furious cooking, it was time to send someone home. To their credit, all of the junior chefs figured out it was pan-fried salmon and most figured out the couscous. However, some have been more successful than others.

Ivy came closest to a home run with seared salmon with apple couscous, carrots, zucchini and brown butter sauce. Right behind her was Liya who did well despite for some reason putting mayonnaise in her couscous.

Once those two headed out to the balcony, he left Tegan, A’Dan, and Freddy to see who would come home. Each made major missteps not only in their attempt to mimic the dish but in the preparation. But when it was all said and done, Tegan was told to go home. His salmon was massively overcooked and the rest of his dish wasn’t much better.

That leaves fourteen chefs to try for the title of Junior MasterChef. Who are you going to tell he’s not good enough next week? We will have to wait and see.

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