Excellent wood-fired pizza in Seattle | Maria Shimizu Christensen

Photo by Emily Powers on Unsplash

Lists like this are usually titled “the best” of something, but pizza might just be the most subjective and debated food. Styles, regions, and toppings all have their fans and haters, so it’s nearly impossible to say which is best.

The beauty of a pizza is definitely in the eye of the beholder. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Neapolitan, deep dish, thin crust, topped with toppings or foldable, all have their followers. Even pineapple on a pizza has fans.

This list focuses exclusively on wood-fired pizzas, which have been around for thousands of years. A pizzeria in ancient Pompeii looked remarkably like those of today. There are characteristics of a good wood-fired pizza. Because they’re cooked at extremely high temperatures for less than two minutes, the bottom is crispy, while the top is still chewy. There are bubbles and burnt spots and the crust is thin. The toppings are cooked, but fresher and less dry than with a conventional oven-baked pizza.

The following restaurants are chosen based on reviews on food sites, customer ratings and personal taste tests. Your favorite might not be on the list, but that just speaks to the excellence of wood-fired pizza in Seattle. Many only open late afternoon, so check the website for hours. In no particular order:


Located in Ballard at 1415 NW 70th Street, open Wednesday through Sunday. The crust is a fermented dough made from wheat grown in Washington State that produces a very good chew, and most of the toppings are also locally sourced ingredients. Pizza is the focus here, but it’s not the only thing cooked over a wood fire. Radicchio is cooked over a wood fire and creates the basis for an unusual and tasty salad.

Bar Del Corso

Located on Beacon Hill at 3057 Beacon Avenue South, open Tuesday through Saturday. In addition to a small selection of perfectly prepared wood-fired pizzas, this restaurant offers small plates, salads and entrees. The grilled octopus alone is worth a visit.


Located in Fremont at 4303 Fremont Avenue N., open seven days a week. The sourdough crust is the star here and the pizza is the star of the menu, although a very good pasta dish is on offer. Reservations are recommended, but takeout is always available.

Pizzeria Pulcinella

Located at 10003 Rainier Ave S., between Rainier Valley and Renton, open daily. This is perhaps the most authentic Neapolitan pizza in town. They import soft wheat flour directly from Italy, as well as other Italian ingredients. There is a large selection of pizzas and an extensive menu that includes salads, pastas and desserts, including spumoni and cannoli.

Pizzeria Cornuto

Located at 7404 Greenwood Avenue N. in Greenwood, open Wednesday through Sunday. This quintessential neighborhood restaurant serves authentic Neapolitan wood-oven pizzas imported from Italy. The pizza menu is extensive and if you’ve never had Italian tuna on a pizza, this is the place to try it. There is a very good bar and an outside terrace.