Fabregas breaks his silence on why he threw pizza in ‘Battle of the Buffet’

Cesc Fabregas recalled his pizza-throwing incident from the ‘buffet battle’ in 2004.

Arsenal were unbeaten in 49 league appearances before facing their biggest rivals at the time, Manchester United.

The Red Devils won the match 2–0, and a mass scrum ensued after the match, with players from both clubs going head-to-head.

Fabregas had returned to the dressing room, and he was already munching on a pizza when they heard a noise coming from outside.

It turned out to be from the players of both clubs and he threw his pizza at someone. He hit Sir Alex Ferguson.

For years, no one knew who threw the pizza until Fab recently admitted it was him.

In a new interview on the famous day, he claimed he threw the pizza at someone because he didn’t have the guts to fight.

He said, as quoted by the Daily Mail: “We were 49 games unbeaten. They were so competitive but they were very smart people. I was also getting a lot of stick.

“So I was very frustrated. You warm up and you haven’t played. You’re annoyed that you lost. I just quickly walked into the locker room and there was food there, I was hungry.

The 35-year-old added: “I took a slice of pizza and we started hearing noises.” You started seeing players and Arsene Wenger everywhere.

“The first thing that came to mind was throwing the pizza because maybe I didn’t have the power or the guts to fight. They were monsters in there. They were great, great big guys. Apparently he hit Sir Alex Ferguson.

Just the opinion of Arsenal

This game was one of the most aggressive games we have seen in the Premier League.

Arsenal had a lot to lose and United were there to make sure they lost.

In the end, the Red Devils won, but our invincible title from the previous year will probably never happen again.

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