Fort Collins’ Project Pizza is looking to host a world-record pizza party

Converting a school bus into a wood-fired pizzeria was no small feat, but the owners of Project Pizza in Fort Collins are trying to outdo themselves by achieving another lofty goal.

According to Project Pizza founder and chef Isaiah Ruffin and co-owner Colleen Constant, the Fort Collins-born pizza food truck will attempt to host the world’s largest pizza party in City Park on August 27.

“It was a goal (of us) to break a world record, and why not combine that with our business and our passion?” Ruffin told the Coloradoan on Thursday.

Project Pizza has leased the slice of City Park that runs along the southern section of Sheldon Drive. In total, about seven different pizza vendors signed up to take part in pizza night – serving sliced ​​pizzas from noon to 4 p.m.

Project Pizza founder and chef Isaiah Ruffin pulls out a pizza from the food truck's wood-fired oven.

Ruffin and Constant hope to draw around 1,200 people to the party. The current record was set in 2019, when 1,046 people attended a pizza party hosted by the Istituto Romano della Pizza and Marco Di Pietro in Rome, according to Guinness World Records.

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Ruffin said he and Constant planned to visually record the party to certify the number of attendees for Guinness World Records. From there, the Guinness World Records records management team will assess the submitted evidence and verify whether the attempt succeeded or failed, according to its website.

The pizza night will be organized much like the FoCo Food Truck Rally that takes over Sheldon Drive on Tuesday nights in the summer, Ruffin said. There is no kind of registration required.

“Just show up,” Ruffin said, “and come with an appetite for pizza.”

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