Fort Myers Beach Pizza Raises Funds After Store Loss | News, Sports, Jobs – FORT MYERS

Fort Myers Beach Pizza took the worst of Hurricane Ian at Sea Grape Plaza. The owners do not know if they will be able to rebuild. Photo provided

Fort Myers Beach Pizza, which was located in Sea Grape Plaza, was left with only broken wood, upside-down equipment and a broken Pepsi machine after Hurricane Ian did what it did to so many other establishments.

Operators do not know if they will be able to reopen there or elsewhere. It depends on what kind of help they can get from the Small Business Administration, Sabrina Molinari said.

Molinari ran the pizzeria with his mother Joy Peoples. Peoples also works at Best Western, which was also devastated by Hurricane Ian.

Molinari said the family had run the pizzeria for eight years. Before that it was known as Perky’s Pizza. Molinari said the owner of Sea Grape Plaza intends to rebuild. This building suffered extensive damage. She says “It’s a fight with insurance” on how much the store will be reimbursed for losses. She said she is “not 100% sure” if they will be able to reopen at Seagrape Plaza. She filed a petition with the Small Business Administration. “It’s a slow process” she says.

Originally from upstate New York, Molinari evacuated north during Hurricane Ian with her three children. Her daughter Isabella received chemotherapy treatments up there.

Her home in Iona received more than two feet of water, she said. “They had to cut the walls, replace the furniture, the carpets.” The family lost personal items.

She and her mother are unemployed. “We will get out of this” said Molinari hopefully.

Molinari has started a GoFundMe page to help the family at: