Four wheelie bins to help Victorians recycle soft plastics and pizza boxes

Victorian households are set to get four wheelie bins to separate their rubbish and recycling.

Recycling soft plastics and pizza boxes is part of the state government’s $515 million recycling system reforms.

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Minister for the Environment of Victoria, Lily d’Ambrosio announced the framework for the four-bin system on Thursday, along with shared federal funding of $14.3 million to launch recycling projects across the state

“We are the first state in Australia to roll out the same bins to every home, and the first to include soft plastics and pizza boxes in those bins,” D’Ambrosio told reporters.

The four-bin system was rolled out in a phased transition across 13 councils ahead of the Circular Economy (Waste Reduction and Recycling) Bill 2021 which was introduced in state parliament last October.

The four wheel bin system includes: green for food organics and garden organics, purple for glass recycling, yellow for mixed recyclables and red for trash.

The 79 municipalities will have access to glass recycling services by 2027 and to food and organic garden materials by 2030.

The four-wheel-drive system is part of recycling reforms initiated in 2020, which also include a container deposit system and a commitment to divert 80% of waste from landfill by that deadline.

Victorian households currently send four million tonnes of waste to landfill each year.

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