Galashiels pizza delivery driver admits reckless driving offense

A PIZZA delivery man injured two people after admitting a careless driving offense on the A68 in Soutra.

Chia Lee, 35, of Galashiels, pleaded guilty to the offense committed on November 27 last year.

Fiona Hamilton, prosecuting, said a couple were traveling south in their car in windy conditions when they encountered a fallen tree across the road.

They stopped their vehicle but Lee didn’t notice the fallen tree and raced into the back of the couple’s car.

The woman got out of the car and complained of chest pains and suffered two broken ribs while the postman suffered neck and back pain, a deep cut next to her left eye which required seven stitches stitches as well as cuts and bruises.

Defense lawyer Liam Alexander said his client admitted that his driving was reckless and that he was following the car in front of him too closely.

He added: “It was a lesson learned under these conditions.”

Lee works as a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza in Galashiels and Mr Alexander said his client needs his licence.

Sheriff Kenneth McIver said: “Obviously from the injuries sustained you were driving at considerable speed and too close to the car in front of you and unable to stop in time.”

After hearing that Lee had three penalty points on his license, the sheriff added another seven, meaning he is only two points away from receiving a ban.

Additionally, Lee was fined £250.