Girlfriend oddly not as impressed with random novelty pizza ingredients as local guy – The Betoota Advocate


A shared house in Betoota Heights was the scene of an interesting food showdown today.

With dinnertime fast approaching, local couple Tom Nielson and Jacinta Phillips have had to come together and come up with a solution to their fridge being as empty as the government promises at the moment.

After back-to-back weekend blowouts torpedoed weekly shopping, the couple were forced to have a brainstorming session to find food for the evening.

With Pizza Hut’s logical and reliable option, negotiations were then entered into on what toppings should accompany the usual garlic bread.

With a hangover and an endorphin-depleted Jacinta for something with a few veggies, Tom caused a stir by saying he wanted that “sick new colored sauce” on the pizza they had chosen.

“Look at it, it’s fucking crazy,” said the local arbor bird, captivated by the idea of ​​having a frothy blue sauce on his pizza.

With a mixed reception from his girlfriend and the other roommates who had decided to get in on the action, the stubborn boyfriend then decided to go for it.

“You can choose the toppings, but I want the original sauce on it,” said the Sydney expat living in Channel Country.

“Don’t limit your curiosity, live a little.”

“Do not limit your mind to the ordinary.”

“Because I’m not, and I want the blue sauce.”

After a few shrugs and sighs, the local man then got his wish, with the order placed and the man from Pizza Hut on his way with his fancy blue sauce.

More soon.