Good Times Pasta Bar in Fitzroy North

Good Times pretty much checks all the boxes – a hearty meal (check), it’s cheap (check) in a vibey atmospheric setting (check). If you haven’t heard of it, it’s probably because there’s no fancy Instagram page, but make no mistake, it gets a lot of attention from word-of-mouth recommendations. and its bright yellow like the sun facade on St George’s Road. Chances are you noticed the yellow building with the big thumbs-up printed on it as you walked past it. As the name suggests, it’s all good times from the minute you walk in.

The space itself mirrors the menu – it’s no frills, no fuss and a pinch of fun. The tables are old school, covered with large sheets of white paper that act as tablecloths. And while you’d expect to find salt and pepper on the table, at Good Times you’ll find little gray lead pencils made for scribbling while you wait. You can also sip $9 wine decanters or a range of affordable bevs.

In what seems like a rarity these days, Good Times is accepting reservations and is only open three days a week (4pm until late, in case you were wondering). The menu features classics – napolitana, bolognese, pesto – usually on a bed of spaghetti, though the team spice things up by keeping it constantly changing. It is for everyone. The difficult friend? Sorted. The vegan friend? There are options. The thrifty friend? Tick ​​of approval. With most pasta starting at $9 a pop, it would be basically rude not to. It’s a nice feeling to go somewhere that doesn’t break the bank these days, but doesn’t feel like it’s skimping either.

Add the beer garden out back to the mix and Good Times becomes the kind of place you want to stay all night, sipping negronis and chipping breadsticks. Good Times offers up to $9 worth of pasta in Fitzroy North — and it’s open for your late-night pasta cravings