Here’s how to make Doctor Strange’s pizza balls in the Multiverse of Madness

If you’ve ever fallen into the quarantine hole of sourdough appetizers and cooking experiments, you’ve probably watched a few dozen Binging With Babish recipes on YouTube. Otherwise, congratulations on getting a new obsession: Babish is known for his elaborate recreation of film and TV fare and after watching one video, you might feel the urge to watch a dozen more.

Babish takes two approaches to the pizza supplier’s sauce product, both of which contain the same four key elements: the dough, the sauce, the cheese and the little pepperoni. The former is a spin on cinnamon rolls, but while his pizza buns are definitely round and definitely pizza, they’re not quite the same as the treats we’ve seen America Chavez and Stephen Strange eat. . Luckily, his second attempt comes a lot closer: he basically makes garlic knots, squirts them with pizza sauce, then tops it off with cheese and pepperoni.

In embarking on this endeavor, Andrew Rea (aka Babish) confirms what I suspected since witnessing the madness of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”: the pizza balls are a parody. Sorry, Pizza Poppa. Perhaps the only thing messier than the movie they appear in, pizza balls push ‘za’s core elements away from the doughy, flat surface of stability and instead pile cheese, meat, and sauce tomato on a sphere. It’s absolute nonsense and there’s no good way to eat such a thing without making a complete mess of your wizarding robes. That being said, would I object to a bite-sized pizza bomb? Of course not!