How to Make Pasta in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You want to know how to make pasta in Disney Valley of Dreams? While traversing the colorful biomes of Disney Valley of Dreams, you will collect dozens of tasty and healthy materials. But to make them even tastier, you need to start the cooking process and prepare one of the delicious dishes. Moreover, the game offers almost 200 unique recipes, so you can always cook something new. If you love Italian food or want to take a break from complicated recipes, you can make pasta. And our guide is here to help you and tell you how to make pasta in Disney Valley of Dreams.

How to Make Pasta in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Although pasta is one of the easy-to-prepare dishes in the game, you still need to do some prep work. Specifically, you will need to unlock two starting locations:

  • Peaceful Meadow: Free.
  • Dazzle Beach: 1,000 Dreamlights.

Once you have fulfilled this requirement, you can proceed directly to cooking the dish. Pasta is a 2-star dish, so that’s the number of materials you need to use in a recipe. And here are the materials you need to find to make pasta out of Disney Valley of Dreams:

  • Wheat. To get Wheat you need to visit Peaceful Meadow and unlock the local Goofy Stall. Here you can buy wheat for 3 star coins or wheat seeds for 1 star coins and grow this material in your farm.
  • Tomato. Like wheat, you can buy tomatoes from Goofy Stall. Only this time you have to visit the Dazzle Beach biome and pay 8 coins for tomato seeds.


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Once you have all the materials, put them in the pan and click start cooking. You can eat a cooked dish to have energy or sell this dish to earn money. This is the best idea at the start of the game, but later this dish offers too little benefit. Therefore, you may want to cook more refined versions of the classic pasta:

Disney Valley of Dreams is available in Early Access for computer, PlayStation, Xboxand nintendo switch.