I made an Italian meal for my family of five for only $15 with Aldi’s finds, there was enough for leftovers

A Shopper has found a way to make a meal for his family of five plus leftovers for just $15.

Going to Aldi, in particular, can be quite cheap compared to other retailers.


Aldi buyer Beau Coffron said he had ‘lots’ of leftovers
See how he made what he calls pasta soup


See how he made what he calls pasta soup

In fact, 90% of the products it offers are private label products.

According motley foolthe average American spends $2,375 per year or $198 per month on food prepared outside the home.

But shopping at Aldi and cooking the meals yourself could be a great way to cut your food bill.

Actually an Aldi shopper and recipe fanatic Beau Coffron cooked an Italian meal for his family of five, while spending just $15 at the store.

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On his TikTok channel, he often shops on this budget and prepares meals on a budget.

Items purchased

Here is the full list of ingredients and food items he purchased:

  • Chopped sausage
  • Bag of frozen mixed organic vegetables
  • Canned diced tomatoes
  • container of parmesan cheese
  • Packet of Pagasta penne macaroni
  • Beef broth
  • italian seasoning
  • Bag of garlic knots
  • Italian dressing mix

In total, those items came to $14.92 at a local Oklahoma City store, according to Beau.

Keep in mind that prices may vary by city and state.

How he made the meal

First, Beau poured the meats into a pot while mixing the seasonings over medium-high heat.

Then he added three and a half cups of water and the broth.

Once the water was boiled, the pasta came in with the sauce and mixed vegetables.

After that, Beau said you would like to cover the pan and continue cooking for another eight minutes.

And the garlic knots, of course, go in the oven while the pot elements cook.

Once done, all you have to do is put it in a bowl, add the parmesan and you’re done.

Beau calls the meal a pasta soup.

According to him, there were “a lot” of remains.

Ways to save at the grocery store

Whether you buy from Aldi or not, you’ll want to follow some general tips.

One includes buying house brand items rather than name brands.

This is said to save shoppers up to 30%.

And if you’re worried about sacrificing the taste of private label products over top brands, you shouldn’t.

Market research by IRi found that 75% of respondents believe the quality of private label items is as good as the country’s leading items, as cited Ramsey Solutions.

Additionally, shoppers should be on the lookout for clearance items.

At Walmart, for example, you could save up to 90% by taking advantage of the offers in this section.

Also, buying products in bulk with a longer shelf life could be another way to reduce the number of grocery shopping trips.

For example, a shopper spent less than $100 on groceries that lasted a few weeks for two people following this strategy.

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