Is Olive Garden’s Endless Pasta Bowl Worth It? | Chiu Island

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I know I often say that I try to go to local restaurants as much as possible (and I try), but my friend wanted to go to Olive Garden, and I didn’t object.

I especially didn’t protest when I saw that Olive Garden was currently promoting Never Ending Pasta Bowl.

One of my weaknesses — the promise of unlimited amounts of food, which is why I can’t resist a big (or even not so big) buffet.

At my local Olive Garden, the Endless Pasta Bowl was $13.99 with an extra for protein. Because I wanted to make my meal as cheap as possible, I just went with the pasta.

When I go to Olive Garden, I usually go for the chicken and gnocchi soup (and get refills of it), but because I find the soup quite filling on its own, I opted for the salad instead to save space for that endless pasta (one of the few times in my life I chose a salad on purpose, haha).

I didn’t indulge in too many breadsticks either. However, I ate two because how could I go to Olive Garden and not have breadsticks?

I started with a plate of fettuccine alfredo (so what if I’m lactose intolerant?). The size of the first serving was quite comparable to a regular serving of fettuccine alfredo.

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There are rumors that Olive Garden uses substandard ingredients for their Endless Pasta Bowl. But I didn’t notice any noticeable difference. The alfredo sauce was always tasty. Maybe the noodles were a bit overcooked, but are overcooked noodles rare in regular Olive Garden entrees? 😏

The first plate would have satisfied me. But since I had the NEVER ENDING bowl of pasta, I had a second plate. This time, fettuccine with marinara sauce. You can mix and match the noodle and sauce options for the endless pasta bowl.

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The second portion was significantly smaller than the first – probably half the size of the first plate. Probably to discourage you from taking full advantage of the Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion.

But after I finished my plate of marinara fettuccine, I had a third plate – this time, marinara angel hair. Again the plate was about half the size of the first serving.

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After I finished that I got a fourth plate – fettuccine alfredo again. I took a few bites and decided to take the rest home in a box. In my house, at least, they let you take home leftovers from your last serving.

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Is the endless bowl of pasta worth it? I would say yes if you are an Olive Garden fan. A dinner portion of fettuccine alfredo is $15.99 at my local Olive Garden, and the Create Your Own Pasta option is $12.99. So if you usually order fettuccine alfredo, the $13.99 Never Ending option is already cheaper. And if you think you could eat more than one Create Your Own Pasta meal, you might want to consider ordering the Endless Pasta Bowl.

The Endless Pasta Bowl is currently available at Olive Garden for a limited time.