Jhatpat jaldi-haldi or fast pasta fatafat

Has time also become a four-letter word, screwing up the grocery delivery industry? Looks like, seeing how each player tries to outplay their rivals’ latest quickie. Eat your heart out, pizza. You promised a free one if it wasn’t delivered in 30 minutes, but that record fell like dominoes. Q-commerce will deliver chickpeas packed in 10’s and more. Backward. This online grocery sub-vertical is the new e-dranaline, providing new case studies to replace the old PDQ speedometer, Pizza Delivered Quickly.

Inventory control was once the key to competitive advantage. He was chased by logistics and reckless youngsters on scooters breaking the time barrier and traffic lights. We didn’t need the main story of a business section last Sunday to tell us how these whistling kids frantically weave their way down the street, jump lights and do the same for pedestrians as they turn streets sidewalks into their personal running track.

Just as people and vehicles are driven from their rightful space by these desperadoes, rapid communication drives out communication at a distance. No need to stock up or go out. No need to savor the quiet pleasure of strolling the aisles of supermarkets or joking and haggling with your local banya.

How anachronistic is the poet’s lament: “What is this world so full of cares, we have no time to get up and look? Also, who would want to “stand under the branch and stare as long (and dumbly) as sheep or cows”? The instaworld has telescoped this four-letter demon so much that if you go over your ever-shorter time, you’re not entitled to space. Snapchat is self-destructing after 30 days, and now WhatsApp “disappearing messages” after their allotted hours. Everyone is overwhelmed. What are we? Internet banking?

And how cruel the terminology. ‘Online’ is positive, passes. ‘On’ is like a switch. “Offline” is its dark side, like the Q-comm “dark stores” that dot the city, filled with in-demand items that can be quickly delivered within a two-mile radius. ‘Offline’ is negative, a has-been. ‘Off’ is like meat gone bad. Sad end to what was the hot norm for centuries.

* * *

Alec Smart said: “In the face of a powerful enemy, Ukraine is a valiant SoVietnam.



This article is meant to make you smile. Any connection to real life events and characters is coincidental.