Katie Lee Biegel’s Spicy Lobster Pasta is elegant with heat

Food Network star Katie Lee Biegel brings the heat with her satisfying and refreshing Spicy Lobster Pasta.

For those who like to bring seafood and pasta—and plenty of spices—to the table, this recipe won’t disappoint.

Food Network Personality Katie Lee Biegel | Chance Yeh/Getty Images for NYCWFF

Katie Lee Biegel’s Spicy Lobster Pasta is an elegant treat of a meal

Food Network’s co-host The kitchen packs his pasta dish with heat, not to mention flavor.

Her recipe includes olive oil, crushed red pepper flakes, chopped garlic, chopped Fresno pepper, chopped onion, dry white wine, a can of whole tomatoes, kosher salt, black pepper, spaghetti, fresh parsley, fresh mint and two lobster tails. (fresh or frozen lobster is fine).

Find the full recipe, video and reviews on the Food Network website.

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This lobster and pasta dish has a special meaning for Biegel and her husband

In the Food Network video (see above) for Biegel’s recipe, the culinary personality’s dish is made by her Kitchen co-hosts Sunny Anderson, Jeff Mauro and Geoffrey Zakarian.

“We’re making spicy lobster pasta inspired by Katie’s husband, Ryan,” Anderson explains in the video. She revealed how Biegel found the recipe. “The story with Katie and Ryan is that if it’s a special occasion, Ryan loves to make lobster tails for Katie. And if it’s a special occasion, Katie loves making pasta for Ryan, so putting it together in a dish is very loving…”

Biegel’s pasta dish gets a healthy dose of flavor thanks to lobster shells

Anderson starts by cooking the onion, garlic and chili in olive oil in a large skillet. She notes that all the chili should be added, including the ribs and seeds (“The lobster wants spice”).

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Another delicious spicy pasta dish from Food Network’s Katie Lee Biegel

The can of whole tomatoes is poured. Anderson offers a tip for mashing tomatoes with a potato masher without splattering. Instead of pushing directly with the potato masher, which she calls “counterintuitive,” just use the edge of the potato masher to pry open each tomato. This way you don’t wear tomato juice. “Zero splatter, use your kitchen utensils,” she added.

The white wine is mixed with the tomato mixture and the pan is covered. “Cook for about 35 to 40 minutes. Everything will turn out tasty together, all the tomatoes will cook.

Once the tomato mixture has reduced, the lobster tails, still in their shells, are placed “straight into the pot” with the tomatoes for about five minutes. “Two things are happening here,” Anderson says. “The lobster steams and cooks obviously, but not completely because we’re going to take it out, chop it up and put it back in. But also that shell flavor gets into the tomato in such a short time and really makes it flavorful.

As Anderson pointed out, the lobster meat is removed from the shell (“Crack right down the center”), minced, and put back into the sauce. Once the pasta is cooked, everything is mixed together. Enjoy!

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