Launch of PORTA ™ as the first Italian meal delivery service in Ontario

Renowned restaurateur Cosimo Mammoliti brings restaurant quality traditional Italian cuisine to Ontario kitchen tables, cooked in 15 minutes or less

TORONTO, November 29, 2021 / CNW / – From the same culinary team behind Terroni, South Forno and Spaccio, comes PORTA ™ – from ontario first Italian meal delivery service. Meaning ‘door’ or ‘porter’ in Italian, PORTA offers traditional Italian ready-to-cook meals directly into the homes of millions of people across the province.

For over 25 years, Cosimo Mammoliti and his family have shared their love of food through their twelve restaurants, bakeries and boutiques across North America, where they presented their unique approach to Italian cuisine to millions of loyal customers. Eager to bring this quality of food to more homes, Cosimo is now taking the food he loves and sharing it more widely as a ready-to-cook meal delivery company.

“As restaurants were closed during the pandemic, we learned a lot about our customers’ desire to replicate parts of the dining experience in their own homes,” said Mammoliti, one of the founding partners of PORTA. “Even though they couldn’t visit us in our restaurants, they still wanted restaurant-quality Italian food made with real ingredients. So I challenged our chefs to start thinking about how we could bring restaurant-quality Italian food to more tables across the country. “

The result is an organized food subscription that brings the best of Italy up to you, so everyone can feel like a chef and enjoy the kind of Italian cuisine that makes a house feel like they are at home. To start, PORTA will offer eight different pasta dishes, eight different pizzas and four desserts. PORTA uses a unique Roman-style pizza dough called Stirata, which results in a light and crispy dough even in the most ruthless domestic ovens.

“PORTA offers something that does not exist on the market today: an elevated dining experience that saves people time, effort and dreaded cleaning,” explains Jason cassidy, founding managing director of PORTA. “Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines of North America, has the ability to bring families together and is very habitual. “

Every item on the menu is handmade by chefs and then frozen to protect its rich flavors and make it easy to store at home. All you need to do is take it out of the freezer and cook it, which only takes 15 minutes or less, with little to no prep or cleaning required.

“It has never been easier to serve high quality traditional Italian cuisine to your family and friends in your home at a great price,” continues Cassidy.

PORTA’s subscription service allows Ontarians to choose from three delivery frequency options: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Subscribers can always change their frequency or even skip a week, and they can cancel at any time. Pizzas are $ 11.99, pasta (2 servings) are $ 18.99 and the dessert pack (4 servings) is $ 13.99. Ontarians can visit TO today to place their order.

PORTA has partnered with BrandProject to provide seed funding and operational expertise to support the business. “We are delighted to partner with Cosimo and his team to create the next great Italian food company,” says André Noir, CEO of BrandProject and member of the board of PORTA. “There is a huge demand for restaurant quality Italian cuisine in the home and PORTA is designed to meet this need. We look forward to working with the PORTA team to deliver an exceptional customer experience. “

From the same culinary team behind Terroni, South Forno and Spaccio, comes PORTA ™, from ontario first Italian meal delivery service. PORTA’s restaurant-quality dishes are handmade with authentic Italian ingredients and age-old techniques, bringing the taste of Italy to your home without preparation and with minimal cleaning. Launch in more than 50 cities across Ontario. To find out more, visit TO

About Terroni
Terroni is rooted in traditional Italian food, wine and culture. We work tirelessly to provide our clients with a typical southern Italian experience. Our first location was opened in 1992, and is located in the heart of Queen Street West. After 22 years of history, the family has grown to six locations in Toronto and two in Los Angeles.

Terroni is as much an ideology as it is a restaurant. It’s not just food for us, it’s also the experience of eating food the same way it has been enjoyed for generations. We strive to find the best olive oil, the best tomatoes and the freshest ingredients, because we want to share our traditional recipes and provide our customers with an authentic experience.

About BrandProject
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