Luchiano’s Pizza from Bendigo denounces bad customer behavior | Bendigo Advertiser

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BENDIGO pizza restaurant owner says ‘enough is enough’ after a number of her employees were abused by COVID-19 rules. Luchiano’s Pizza owner Juliette Kabalan took to Facebook on Saturday to post the post. She told announcer Bendigo that some people need to do better. “The abuse and yelling and everything that comes with ugliness – it’s just getting out of hand,” Ms. Kabalan said. Read more news: Bendigo man appeals after being jailed for domestic violence Ms Kabalan said one of his employees had an exemption not to wear a mask because of asthma, but the young girl had been repeatedly abused by members of the public. The owner said delivery drivers have also had to deal with people with HIV on several occasions to pick up their pizzas face-to-face rather than opting for contactless delivery. “This happened five times on Friday evening,” Ms. Kabalan said. “We had a person who wanted to pay in cash after saying they were positive for COVID.” Our driver had to tell them to pay over the phone because he didn’t want to take the money. “This is just ridiculous. If you are expecting a result or are positive for COVID, we should be informed.” Ms Kabalan said the store had to call the police on Saturday night after a customer made threats because his delivery was going to be five minutes late. Read more news: Australian Hotels Association calls for change amid coronavirus challenges But the owner said for every horrible guest there are many wonderful members of the community. “Our regulars were lovely,” she said. “We want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts. “We have had customers who bought vouchers at the start of the pandemic because they thought we might not get there. We will be in debt to all of our locals. “I think I can speak for a lot of businesses when I say we’re so lucky to be in Bendigo and not Melbourne.” The Bendigo community came together and supported each other from the start . Ms. Kabalan said the great support just pointed out how bad some behaviors have been. “We are a small family business,” she said. “I treat my workers like their own children, that is why enough was enough. “I will support my workers from start to finish. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content: