Marco’s Pizza Expands with Second Clovis Location and Keto Option – GV Wire

By opening its second location in the Central Valley, Marco’s Pizza said it was meeting local demand.


“People were like, Hey, when are you going to open the location here?” said general manager René Toribio. “We have a lot of customers coming from the city and I think that says a lot because they are willing to drive here. And I think that second location gives us a better opportunity to go with all the customers.

Michael Caldwell, the local franchisee of the Ohio-based pizza chain, recently opened his second location in Clovis – a take-out-only store. These are the only two Marco’s Pizzas in the Central Valley.

The new location — 865 N. Willow Avenue, Suite 102, north of Alluvial Avenue in Clovis — is in a relatively new mall. A Dutch Bros cafe. next door is under construction.

Watch: Marco’s pizza is love at first bite

Above: The Philly at Marco’s Pizza, a cheesesteak in pizza form ($20.99 for a medium); below: a build-it-yourself, crustless pizza bowl ($8.99). (GV Wire/David Taub)

Pizza and more

Toribio says the pizzeria is known for its deluxe — pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers and onions ($20.99 for one medium) — and Pepperoni Magnifico — two types of pepperoni with three kinds of cheese ($19.99 for a way).

“It just adds a bit of everything,” Toribio said of the luxury.

Marco’s Pizza also offers subs, sides like cheese bread and pizza bowls.

“(Pizza bowls are) crustless pizza,” Toribio said. “We have it in the sauce, all the toppings, whatever you want, but just no crust. Lots of people use it for keto and all that good stuff.

Keto is a diet for those who avoid carbohydrates, almost impossible to miss in a normal pizza.

The new Marco’s Pizza location offers delivery for a $4.75 fee in a limited area north of Clovis and northeast of Fresno. Other services like DoorDash and Uber Eats will also be available soon.

The new site employs 16 people.

Marco’s Pizza says the cheese bread ($8.49) is “underrated.” (GV Wire/David Taub)

Tales of unusual deliveries

Toribio started with local Marco’s Pizza when he opened his location on Herndon and Armstrong avenues three years ago. He rose through the ranks from driver to general manager.

His most unusual delivery story? A post-wedding pizza.

“Once there was a party. Guess they just got back from a wedding and were already a bit buzzy. They tell me, Yeah, go ahead and leave it, bring it to the table. I walked in and he gave me a $20 tip because he was already drunk. And I’m like, Hey, that’s good,” Toribio said.

The most pizzas delivered at once? 450 for a school fundraising event.