Mira Kapoor gives husband Shahid a hearty Italian meal after his special gift

Mira Kapoor is not only passionate about food, but also cooking. She often offers us new and exciting dishes that she has prepared at home. On her mother’s birthday in June 2021, Mira Kapoor had prepared a lavish dinner feast. She took to Instagram to post some photos and share menu details. All of the Italian meal was home cooked and looked absolutely delicious. And now, Mira Kapoor has once again donned the chef’s hat to whip up delicious spaghetti for her husband, actor Shahid Kapoor. Take a look at the photo she shared on Instagram:

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Shahid Kapoor received some very special gifts for Mira Kapoor including the latest iPhone 13 and an iPad Pro as well as an Apple iPencil. “The best husband ever because I’m mom of the year. An apple a day …” she wrote in her story. In the following story, we saw what amazing and healthy spaghetti she cooked for Shahid in return for his gifts.

“It’s not one-sided. I cooked a rage,” she wrote in the caption. In the photo, we could see the spaghetti drizzled with tomato sauce with vegetables and black olives. There were fresh basil leaves and crumbled Feta cheese on the amazing creation.

What a great way to return the surprise! Kudos to Mira Kapoor for making such a delicious Italian dish for Shahid Kapoor. Italian isn’t the only type of cuisine the diva enjoys. Recently we have seen her devouring healthy, homemade Indian food as well. Looked:


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“On my plate today – Khapli Roti, Baingan Bharta and Kashiphal”, she wrote in the caption. The delicious meal indeed looked healthy and satisfying. We can’t wait to see what Mira Kapoor will cook next!

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