Montreal family fights Alzheimer’s disease with the power of pasta – Montreal

A family in East Montreal is fighting Alzheimer’s disease using the power of lasagna.

What started as a small project has grown into a real fundraiser fueled by pasta, cheese, gravy and the key ingredient: love.

One Friday in December, 11-year-old chef Vittoria Pisano and her father Vince worked hard grating cheese, forming pasta and assembling lasagna.

“It’s a machine,” Vince said. “I mean, she’s so focused and into what she’s doing.”

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Vittoria has been cooking since the age of seven.

“I would love to cook with my mom and grandparents, mostly Italian food,” she told Global News.

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Vittoria and her father work hard for a special purpose. Her grandfather, Vince’s father, has Alzheimer’s disease. Lasagna is their favorite food, and it’s their mission to raise funds to help find a cure by selling lasagna.

“He would always be playful and stuff and very sweet,” Vittoria said of her grandfather.

She had first tried to fundraise for Alzheimer’s disease by selling “slime” at school, but Vince says the school didn’t like the idea of ​​children exchanging money for the pandemic. She had the idea of ​​selling lasagna instead.

“It was Vittoria’s idea and people adopted it, and, you know, they keep adopting it,” Vince said.

They advertised on a few local Facebook pages and the community responded in a huge way. Since the project started earlier this year, they say they’ve made and sold hundreds of lasagna.

“This thing just went viral. We’re at about $ 13,000 in donations, ”Vince said, before Vittoria corrected him, saying it was almost $ 14,000 in donations to the Alzheimer Society of Quebec.

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“I maybe know a lot of families that have, like, parents or grandparents or whatever has this horrible disease, and I just, like, wanted to make a change,” she said. .

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After a short break for Vittoria to focus on school, they are now back by popular demand, and they have started making numerous deliveries to the West Island.

“I posted a message on the West Island Facebook page and the rest is history. The West Island is extremely supportive, ”said Vince.

They hope the project will not only help end Alzheimer’s disease, but convince other children to stand up for the causes they believe in.

“I am proud of myself and my family for helping me to raise funds to help people with this horrible disease, ”said Vittoria.

“You know, you’re never too young to make a difference,” Vince said.

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