Mumbai Eatery Serves Black Cheese Pizza But The Internet Won’t Take A Bite Of It

Last update: July 20, 2022, 11:05 a.m. HST

Made by a cafe called Pizza By Engineers, the dark cheese and base pizza is FDA approved, the vlogger revealed. (Credits: Instagram)

a new video has just been released on the internet. This time social media left netizens stunned by exposing a pizza made with black cheese in mumbai

Undeniably, pizza is the go-to fast food for many people. The mere mention of this much-loved Italian dish is enough to make your mouth water. However, over the years many experiments have been made with pizzas. From a thin crust base to pineapple and brinjal toppings, pizza has become one of the most versatile dishes. Now a new video has been presented by the internet. This time, social networks have left Internet users speechless by exposing a pizza prepared with black cheese.

The now-viral video was posted by a foodie page named Flavors of Travels on its Instagram account. The video, which created a huge buzz on the internet, shows that it is not only the cheese that is black in color but also the base. Made by a cafe called Pizza By Engineers, the dark cheese and base pizza is FDA approved, the vlogger revealed. The restaurant, which prepared this original dish, is located at Andheri in Mumbai. Another foodie page posted the video of the pizza and claimed it was ‘India’s first ever dark cheese pizza by Pizza By Engineers’. The name of the dish is Black Hole Pizza and its price is Rs. 445. The extras in the video reveal that the color of the cheese and base is natural and no artificial colors or substances are used.

The video opens with a person picking up a slice of pizza that has runny dark cheese melting on all sides. The videos sparked debate on the internet and received mixed responses from users. While many expressed their wish to try this pizza, a few thought it didn’t look edible. One user wrote: “Dikh toh tempting raha hai. (Sounds very tempting.)” and ended with a heart-shaped emoticon. Another commented: “Sorry….it doesn’t look edible even though it’s a fad…Mumbaikars would consider it to be like sewage seeping from unmaintained sewers.”

What do you think of this black cheese pizza?

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