Mumbai man finds shards of glass in Domino’s Pizza, company orders investigation

Mumbai: A Mumbaikar got a major shock when the pizza he ordered from Domino’s allegedly contained shards of glass. Taking to Twitter, he tagged photos of shards of glass allegedly found in a Domino’s pizza on the Mumbai Police Twitter account. The man, Arun Kolluri, also questioned the quality of food sold by the pizzeria and how it could have been dangerous to his life. He said he discovered the pieces of glass in a pizza ordered online, although the point of sale or delivery date was not mentioned in his tweet.Read also – Viral video: A man makes Maggi with cold coffee, netizens say “Bahut Hi Bura Hua” | look

“2-3 pieces of glass found at @dominos_india. That says a lot about the world brand foods we get @dominos @jagograhakjago @fssaiindia. Not sure about ordering from Domino’s,” the Twitter user wrote by tagging Mumbai Police adding pictures of the food. Also Read – Viral Video: Student’s artistic handwriting goes viral, Twitter says ‘That’s why calligraphy is called an art’

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The Mumbai police responded by advising him to write to Domino’s customer service first before seeking legal remedies.

Upon learning of the complaint, a spokesperson for Domino’s said its quality team conducted a thorough inspection of the pizzeria in question, but no discrepancies were found. The company also contacted the aggrieved customer to verify the facts of the case through various communication channels.

“We follow a strict no-glass policy in kitchens…and adhere to the highest quality and safety standards,” the company said. “We will investigate the matter further once we receive the samples from the user and take action accordingly,” Domino’s added, as the alleged incident has apparently caused huge concern among pizza lovers. .