New Jersey Pizza Maker Salvatore Mandreucci ‘Sally Slices’ Goes Viral on TikToker

HAMILTON SQUARE, New Jersey — A 25-year-old Mercer County pizza maker started TikTok — in a good way.

Salvatore Mandreucci has gone viral for his videos that some might call naughty, and maybe a little cheesy. But it’s her words of inspiration that keep everyone coming to Hamilton Square to try the pie.

Sally Slices fans arrive from all over to visit Marcello’s Pizza Grill to sample their “corleone” pizza, but they mostly flock to meet the social media sensation.

“All my life, everyone always told me that I could entertain, that I could make a crowd laugh,” Salvatore said. “I was like, ‘Let me follow on TikTok. Let me start making videos. Maybe that’ll go somewhere, right?'”

A year later, Sally Slices is approaching three million followers. They come for the pizza boy’s words of wisdom.

“I have one that says, ‘People know the price of everything, but the value of nothing,'” he said. “It resonated with me. I had a hard time growing up. This video has been viewed 10 million times. That’s when I knew these inspirational quotes were a part of me that I could give to everyone.”

Since adding TikTok to his sauces, cheeses and dough flips, the pizza maker is now globally known as the “CEO of inspiration”.

Explaining all of this to his Sicilian-born father, Marcello, took a second.

“At first I thought he was wasting his time,” Marcello said. “But he’s become so famous overnight that you can’t go anywhere. Everyone knows him!”

Fans also call the pizzeria, hoping to get Salvatore on the phone.

“It gets boring on busy nights because people want to talk to Sal and I’m like, ‘No!'” laughs his sister, Gabriella, who also works at the family pizzeria.

‘Sally Slices’ now has merchandise like t-shirts, and they ship their Sicilian cannoli across the country.

Salvatore is also a musician and has just released his first single on Spotify.

Next stop? The big screen.

“It’s my big dream, it’s the big thing,” Salvatore said. “Right now, I’m just spreading motivation and spreading good vibes, which I love doing. But later on, it’s going to happen. I’ll be on TV. I’ll be in Hollywood one day.”

Marcello doesn’t doubt it, but for now he’s telling Salvatore to keep making the pizza!

Salvatore also helps run the second family shop in the Bustleton section of town.

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