Nic Cage talking about square pasta?

Nic Cage in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Everyone is talking about Nicolas Cage these days. With the release of his new film The unbearable weight of massive talent, the complicated actor made the rounds in the press, and it gave us a look at the actor like never before. And with that comes a glimpse of her favorite type of pasta?

During his recent AMA, Cage answered a simple question with a thought-provoking answer. When asked about his favorite noodle shape, he gave an answer that is confusing food bloggers. “I once went to an Italian restaurant in San Francisco about 25 years ago with Charlie Sheen because they had square tube pasta, and he was very interested in trying square tube pasta, and we did and loved it so much we went back the next day to try again.

Now, as someone who thinks Nic Cage is one of our greatest Italian Americans (I’m sure my very Italian mom would agree), I’m just as perplexed that Food52is Ella Quittner. In fact, I would have tried to figure out what pasta was if Quittner hadn’t beaten me to it, and seeing that there was no consensus (I refuse to acknowledge that the answer is RIGATONI), I could just ask my whole family to start thinking.

I texted my family group chat “Italians, get together,” so we’ll see what they come up with, but I’m sorry to Quittner that it’s breaking everyone’s spirits. But if a Coppola (Francis Ford is Nic Cage’s uncle) doesn’t know the answer (again, it can’t be a rigatoni I REFUSE), I’m just going to assume it’s some no-name prepared dough.

(photo: Lionsgate)

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Is there anything we missed today, Mary Suevians? Let us know what you saw in the comments below.

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