Olive Garden chefs ‘break an important rule when making pasta’

OLIVE Garden chefs apparently don’t add salt to their pasta water to extend the life of their pots.

It is believed that bosses at the Italian-American chain feared the addition of the condiment would compromise the longevity of the cookware.


OIive Garden chefs apparently don’t add salt to pasta when cookingCredit: Alamy
Online social media users say adding salt to pasta water improves flavor


Online social media users say adding salt to pasta water improves flavorCredit: Getty

Executives tested salting the water, but decided the sauces added enough flavor to pasta dishes, according to the The Wall Street Journal.

But the move caused a stir because it’s common in Italian cuisine to add tablespoons of salt to pasta water.

Online editors say, “The point is to season the pasta. Most people don’t add enough. The pasta water should be almost unpleasantly salty.

It is believed that cooking pasta in salt allows it to absorb some of the seasoning as it boils.

Some claim that pasta water should be “as salty as the ocean.”

While others say adding salt to pasta helps improve its texture, claiming it will be less sticky and gummy.

Experts say pasta water should taste brackish rather than overly salty, according to the Martha Stewart Food and Cooking Recipes site.

The page says, “Starchy, salty pasta water is the magic elixir for making your pasta taste like a restaurant-quality main course.”

The Sun approached Olive Garden for comment. We did not receive any comments at the time of publication.

It comes as a worker at the Italian-American chain claims their breadsticks taste good because they’re coated in liquid margarine and topped with garlic salt.

EricZona told Redditors Online, “I work in the bread station at Olive Garden. All I do every day is make beautiful breadsticks. Ask me anything” as he invited curious fans to quiz him.

The employee revealed that chefs add liquid margarine and garlic salt to enhance the flavor.

And, the website MenusSecrets revealed how hungry diners could customize their appetizers and starters for the ultimate dining experience.

Customers can request an additional sauce if they want a bit more flavor to their pasta starter for example.

This is perfect for those who have finished their pasta dish but want to mop up the rest of the sauce with the garlic bread they ordered.

Diners can also request that their dish come with less cheese if they are not a fan of the dairy product.

Customers can also kindly ask their server if the chef will remove or change an ingredient in their portion of stuffed ravioli.

Olive Garden is famous for its zeppole – an Italian pastry that looks like a donut.

Dessert comes with a hot chocolate sauce that diners can drizzle over, but those not addicted to chocolate can request an alternative like raspberry sauce.

Customers could also choose to have no sauce with their zeppole if they wished.

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