On Tap Eats: Bartolini’s – Chicago-Style Pizza in the South Burbs

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For the next edition of #OnTapEats, I went to Midlothian at Bartolini’s to try their deep pizza. Bartolini’s was suggested by “BIG DUB” and is located at 14420 S. Pulaski Rd. just minutes from I-294 and right next to the Secretary of State facilities.

Bartolini’s has been serving fresh pies, Italian beef, and homemade meatballs since 1995 and has even been featured on The Travel channel among other local Chicagoland shows.


I started with an appetizer called “The Round Guy”. This is a combo of their homemade mini meatballs and beer nuggets covered in red sauce and mozzarella. A delicious start to a meal, I might add.

The meatball has a delicious flavor and great texture and the beer nuggets have a savory vibe, “crispy on the outside, soft on the inside”. I could almost eat the sauce on its own, it’s so good. But why would you when you can have it on meatballs and beer nuggets?

Let’s move on to pizza.

I am a simple man with simple pleasures. One of my favorite simple pleasures in life is taking that first bite of a freshly hot pizza. I don’t know what it is, but it hits differently than any other bite you’re going to take out of the pie. And if it doesn’t hit on the first bite, it won’t be a good experience.

Needless to say, my first bite of the deep sausage was a banger. The delicious cheese and sausage, the crispy buttery crust and then there’s the sauce. Sauce can really make or break a pizza and Bartolini’s sauce definitely does. It is a sweeter tasting sauce with a nice tangy finish. Bartolini’s is a true Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.

In addition to the delicious meal, there was an excellent beer menu (Hailstorm South Side Irish Red for me and a California Cider Co. Ace Pineapple Cider for my wife) and a full set of liquor options. Not sure if it’s every night but there was live music on my trip which added to an already enjoyable evening.

Final Thoughts

Bartolini’s offers a full dining menu and also ships nationwide. And, for the hungriest and most adventurous, they have their famous “10 Pound Meatball Sandwich Challenge”. Eat a 10 pound sandwich full of meatballs, gravy, mozzarella, peppers and Turano bread in less than 10 minutes and it’s free. Maybe next time…
Either way, if you’re in the Midlothian area or just looking to get out and try a pizza you’ve never tried before, Bartolini won’t let you down. It’s a great place with great food and a great atmosphere.


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